Some gay guys take their diva worship too far

Alongside her mother, MGM executives controlled her image and encouraged her to take drugs to stay slim. But some, such as gay author Andrew Britton have argued that the existence of camp actually depends on the restrictive gender dynamics that it claims to oppose.

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Some gay guys take their diva worship too far

Some features on this site require registration. On a Deadline by David Schmader. Pride Events. What I know About We may yet become part of the mainstream, but we'll never be straight men, and, of course, neither will women.

And yet, despite all of their personal struggles, they still managed to shine brightly every time they were put in front of the spotlight.

Some gay guys take their diva worship too far

Join your fellow readers and vote for us in the Lovie Awards! This online community relies on a dense matrix of references and neologisms informed by everything from drag culture to reality TV. Jewish clients and friends of mine have told me that Barbra Streisand saved their lives.

Camp is a huge part of what draws gay men towards women like Garland.

  • Gay men love women!
  • Barbra's heart is breaking as she says goodbye to Omar Sharif, the roguish, hopeless love of her life.
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Share on WhatsApp. On screen too, there are several works in the gay pop-cultural canon that glorify destructive female behaviour — while being financed and created by men. What is so perplexing is why this pseudo-religious devotion has always been laced with spite. In fact, her life story is practically a blueprint for our modern understanding of what makes a gay icon.

It is hard to overestimate how meaningful the fan-diva relationship is for gay men. Perhaps in that model, the Spears T-shirt could be read as a show of solidarity, a knowing acknowledgment of her pain and our understanding?

Some gay guys take their diva worship too far

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