Obviously there is no official gay scene in Abu Dhabi

There have been a few widespread reports regarding the condemnation of homosexual behavior in Dubai and the UAE. You may have been lucky so far but laws are laws and if you just upset one person in authority Obviously there is no official gay scene in Abu Dhabi could end up in jail in a country that does not believe in basic human rights.

Obviously there is no official gay scene in Abu Dhabi original charge contained accusations against 7 men for assaulting AZ, tying a rope around his neck to immobilize him while each of the men raped him. Another gay Bahraini friend even announced it to his office staff after his wife kicked him out, and everyone just sort of yawned and went back to doing their work.

Lots of gay people live and survive here, you just need to know how the game is played and follow the rules. Citizens from some other countries can get a day multiple entry visa.

Obviously there is no official gay scene in Abu Dhabi

The high-end seafood dishes include such delicacies as seared king scallops with foie gras or gin-and-tonic cured salmon! Your email address will not be published. By contrast, no real punishment is applied in cases of extra-marital sex. We've been to Dubai several times, mainly to visit some of our gay friends living there.

You will see a very different picture here.

Вот Obviously there is no official gay scene in Abu Dhabi

All this to say it was not as bad as your thoughts lead you to believe. Rio de Janeiro. Your opinions are worthless and are as bigoted as those you rail against. I have to go back once a year for business and I am really looking forward to my next visit over there.

  • While writing the previous post, a straightforward review of the Park Inn Yas Island , I wanted to get into the back story of the hotel booking and the overall impression that it left , but then decided it would be better to separate the thoughts into a different post.
  • Radiating glitz and glamour through every extravagant surface, luxury travelling hits a new peak in the United Arab Emirates. From the dizzying heights of the ultramodern architecture to the lavish shopping throughout golden streets, there are a number of reasons to fall headfirst in love.
  • Hi, a friend and I are planning a holiday to Dubai , and we were wondering what the night life would be like with us being gay males?
  • Cozy apartments, private rooms and amazing homes: be welcomed by the gay community in over countries. From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, you have the option to stay in the heart of gay districts as well as other neighborhoods in the places you visit.
  • Initially, Abu Dhabi began as a magnet for the oil industry, but over the last decade, it grew massively in popularity as a tourist destination.

My concern is that I think Lucky wrote a post which assumes everyone travels as he does which therefore fails to properly portray the risk to those travellers whose modus operandi is immersive. All forums. Eleven of the men confessed to practicing homosexuality and were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for homosexuality, and an additional year for obscenity.

Obviously there is no official gay scene in Abu Dhabi

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  • Nov 22,  · The gay scene of Abu Dhabi. Obviously there is no official gay scene in Abu Dhabi as it's illegal. However, as with the gay scene of India before the anti-gay laws were repealed, there is an unofficial underground “scene”. You would need to connect with locals or other LGBTQ expats living in Abu Dhabi to find out more information. Your comprehensive guide to Abu Dhabi gay bars & nightlife Exclusive local tips, reviews & maps│gay bars│gay clubs│gay parties & DJs.
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  • If you are gay and you want to practise cruising in public places in Abu Dhabi in an anonymous way, here you can find spots such as beaches, parks, forests and other spaces next to urban areas, as well as every kind of public toilets and rest areas of highways where you can practise cruising in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. “In Abu Dhabi, there used to be a well-known gay venue that was very popular with locals, as there are lots of locals on the gay scene who just aren’t openly out. That closed a year ago, and since then there have been a few attempts to get somewhere else up and running but to no avail.”.
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  • Thoughts on Visiting the UAE as a Gay Man by Out and Out. Prompted a good discussion in the comments and always nice to get a different perspective on travelling, sometimes I forget how easy I have it compared to others. It is a muslim country so there are no gay clubs or bars. There are, of course, gay males and females in Dubai - illegal or not.. There is a very vibrant nightlife scene in Dubai - check out Time Out Dubai for lists of all the trendy places to go and enjoy them BUT be very careful about any open display of affection between you and your partner.
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