Istanbul Gay Guide - Introduction to Gay Life

Please login to your Facebook Account to be able to see this page's content. It is known that some of the sultans had homosexual affairs and public Turkish baths hammams were the common meeting place among men. Sahne sok. There are also a number of clubs exclusively for transvestites and transsexuals and their admirers around Taksim neighborhood.

Second hand clothes of 60's and 70's style. Turkey Gay Travel.

High Risk of police raid. Action is possible in the back seats. Its cosmopolite life leads to a very colorful gay life; you can encounter quite trendy gay clubs as well as astonishingly traditional and local ones near one another in this city. Evenings and nights.

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Consequently the people either do not take any HIV tests or tend to hide themselves, and it is not very possible to obtain accurate numbers. The rich Istanbul Gay Guide - Introduction to Gay Life the poor, the modern and the old-fashioned, the intellectual and the illiterate are all here in this city, sometimes inside one another.

Homosexual acts are not a crime in Turkey. Reserved rooms. Good dancing, music, chic, lively atmosphere. This page is maintained by Lambda, Istanbul.

Istanbul Gay Friendly Hotels. No:7, Taksim. No Kat:4 Phone: 86 There are no articles on homosexuality in the law but vague references to public morals and public order.

Istanbul Gay Guide - Introduction to Gay Life

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