Gay Tallinn Gay Guide to Tallinn Tallinn Life

Here in Chicago, gay couples walk hand in hand and it's no big deal. While there are no exclusively gay hotels in Tallinn, we have featured hotels which are gay-popular thanks to their location or design and are also known for their gay-friendly environment.

Pro-tip: Although you may find people here on a weeknight at 7 p. While homophobia is not as entrenched in the media in Estonia as it is in Since joining the EU, the bad track record of the Baltic countries with Gay Tallinn Gay Guide to Tallinn Tallinn Life to sexual freedom has been exposed, thanks largely to incidents in Latvia which have gained international criticism.

We will be respectful and discreet. Shore Excursions.

It seems these days people prefer to meet in hook-up apps and clubs. Estonia is well known for being a singing nation. Ring Club - Gay Club and sauna for men only! Thanks for the information! In the Baltics, nobody is reacting against these negative opinions.

You need to be logged in to go any further. As with most Estonian problems, communism can be conveniently blamed for this one as well. In Pride weeks with Pride marches took place every year.

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All languages. Excellent 9. It is the 5th Pride to held in Estonia.

  • Despite being viewed as the most liberal and tolerant of the Baltic capitals, Tallinn - like Riga and Vilnius - still has a long way to go toward catching up with neighboring Scandinavian countries and Western Europe when it comes to the atmosphere surrounding homosexuality. While homophobia is not as entrenched in the media in Estonia as it is in
  • Thick-walled brick-houses from the 13th century surround visitors, and people dressed like extras from a Robin Hood movie lure you to sample medieval cuisine. Idyllic Old Town in Tallinn was UNESCO heritage listed in but search a bit further, beneath the touristic varnish, and you find that the Estonian capital offers a very modern take on both its Baltic and medieval heritage.
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As with most problems in modern Estonia, communism is a convenient scapegoat. The objectors are a small minority who are really radically against gay issues, and they have a very loud voice. Do Americans need a visa to visit Estonia? Considering that World War II did not end till the early s in Estonia--when the last Russian troops left, and the country finally regained its independence--the country has a surprisingly international outlook.

Gay Tallinn Gay Guide to Tallinn Tallinn Life

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