For many foreigners Chiang Mai has become the perfect gay lifestyle paradise

The gay bars were a mixture too, ex-pats, tourists, money boys but above all, there were genuine Thai gay guys who wanted nothing more than to have fun. Subscribe to our Newsletter Subscribe Now! When you look at the reasons behind these changes there are two different perspectives; Farang and Thai.

And in Chiang Mai, as more gay foreigners from younger generations arrive, the traditional gay scene will undoubtedly change and evolve at an ever increasing rate. From our perspective as a gay couple travelling in Nepal, we quickly fell in love with the Nepalese as we did with the Filipinos.

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Gays and The Law In terms of public tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality, Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries across Asia. Chang Klan Area is home to several gay massage shops. I am a Journalist who quit his job in order to go travelling.

The negative part for me is, well, Chiang Mai is somewhat boring… Coming here from Bangkok was like going from triple espresso to decaf.

However, like India, Nepalese society remains conservative, with men expected to marry and have children, so many gay men lead closeted lives. But as far as Asian standards go, we found Japan to be one of the more gay friendly countries across the continent.

The equal age of consent has always been 15 for everyone regardless of sexual orientation. They can grasp the issues surrounding sexuality and find friends online to discover and share the latest local gossip with. In relation to the military, gays have been allowed to serve since and homosexuality was declassified as an illness in LGBT characters in Thai films have also been common since the s, often as comic relief, although it was not until the new wave of Thai cinema in the late s that Thai films began to examine LGBT characters and issues in more depth.

For many foreigners Chiang Mai has become the perfect gay lifestyle paradise

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  • For many foreigners Chiang Mai has become the perfect gay lifestyle paradise; a gay friendly and tolerant city (though the perception of tolerance by foreigners is . Since the first issue of Thai Puan, many tens of new bars, massage shops and gay businesses have opened and closed in Chiang Mai. Despite more businesses than customers, there is a seemingly endless supply of foreigners willing to finance their boyfriend’s ambitions to open a bar.
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  • Dec 17,  · Many in Chiang Mai’s gay sex-pat community won’t like what I have to say, though really deep down, most know it’s the truth; they just don’t want to hear it or accept it. The question is: where did all the nice boys go? Perhaps ten plus years ago, one of the big attractions of Chiang Mai was the relaxed gay lifestyle. Gay Saunas in Chiang Mai are enjoyed by both a large local population and many visiting tourists and resident expats. Gay Chiang Mai has two main saunas; House of Male and Club One Seven Sauna. Both offer a good range of facilities, generally busy and are good value for money.
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  • Baan Wang Tan touted back in the day as ‘your home in a far eastern paradise’!. Quite apart from the zillions of stand-alone houses and town homes throughout metropolitan Chiang Mai, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of gated estates. Chiang Mai for gay visitors. For the gay visitor Chiang Mai has lots to offer, including a plentiful supply of gorgeous Northern Thai boys, but it’s not like Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket and you need to approach Chiang Mai in a different way if you want to fully enjoy its gay delights.
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  • Our Overseas Haven Report for Chiang Mai, Thailand covers everything an expat would want to know about living, retiring, or investing in Southeast Asia’s most livable city. With a population just over 1 million, Chiang Mai is a shining example of a perfect balance of past, present, and future. Club One Seven has become both Chiang Mai’s premier gay sauna as well as one of the best options for gay accomodation in the city. Alongside great facilities you will find fabulous beautiful people and a visit to Club One Seven is a great opportunity to enjoy Thailand’s gay lifestyle and hospitality.
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  • Chiang Mai, Thailand – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 14/15 If you are looking to live in a beautiful, laid back Asian city with lots of outdoor activities then Chiang Mai might be for you. Gorgeous women, nice people, great food, it’s dirt cheap and there is every modern convenience you could ask for. Feb 03,  · Hello Chris and Angela, I totally agree with you. I have been living in Chiang Mai for one year now with my husband (last year we were in Pattaya where we stayed 5 years). We just wanted to see how it was to live in the north of Thailand. Chiang Mai is a very interesting city, maybe even more interesting than Pattaya on many points.
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