Children of lesbian or gay parents

Personalised recommendations. The family lives of children born to lesbian mothers. Beginning with estimates of the numbers of such children, sociocultural, theoretical, and legal reasons for attention to their development are then outlined.

Psychological Bulletin92— Different mothers: Sons and daughters of lesbians talk about their lives. American Journal of Psychiatry—

children of lesbian or gay parents

Stiglitz, E. Green, R. Bozett Eds.

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Interviews with mother five-year-olds. Green, R. New York: Guilford. Indiana University Press, Bloomington. The reliability and validity of the psychiatric assessment of the child. Research on these topics is relatively new, and many important questions have yet to be addressed.

PubMed Google Scholar. New York: Praeger. Children in lesbian-led families: A review. Saffron, L.

Children of lesbian or gay parents

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